High Density Foam Roller

foam roller

The foam roller is a 36"x6" easy-to-use, inexpensive, and durable tool for both stretching and exercising different parts of the body. For the application of extension stretching the thoracic spine, the foam roller is indispensable. Almost EVERYONE that sits or stands at a desk, commutes for longer periods of time, or finds themselves frequently bending forward at home or work for any reason can benefit from the proper use of a foam roller. Aside from extension stretching of the spine, the foam roller is effective for treating most large muscle / fascial groups such as the hamstrings, calves, IlioTibial (IT) band, quadriceps, thoracic and lumbar paraspinals, latissimus / triceps, trapezius / rhomboid, and pectoralis. Please refer our Treatment/Rehab section for instructional YouTube videos on the Foam Roller.

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